PA Auto Safety Inspection

With a successful completion of this class you will become certified by the State as an official Inspection Mechanic. It is a 12-hour Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles program that includes a written test. The fee includes PennDOT's Vehicle Equipment Inspection Regulations Manual and testing materials.
Heavy Duty or motercycle catagory tests are also available additional charge of $100.00 HD and 50.00 M/C with an addtional 1 hr. Hands-On test T.B.D.

Time: 6:15pm - 9:30pm
Fee: $250.00 (Includes Manual & Test Pack) Starting March 1, 2018

Course Code: SAF121
January 21, January 22, January 24, January 28
Course Code: SAF311
March 11, March 14, March 18, March 19

Emission Inspection Certification (EIC)

This program will certify you to perform the PA Emissions Inspections. You are required to have 8 hours of classroom training and be required to take 2 on line test proctored by an Emission Inspector. Before you attend class you must contact me with your information; FULL NAME,FULL ADDRESS, DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH, PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS. OnceI have entered you into the PennDot training portal you may then go to and register for class. You will need to do this to access and pay for the training material and your test packet ($39.99). If you own or have access to a laptop or tablet bring it with you to class to use for training. We will provide a computer to take the TEST ONLY.

Time: 6:15pm - 9:30pm
Fee: $200.00 (Includes handout)

Course Code: EIC219
February 19, February 20, February 21, February 25
Course Code: EIC42
April 2, April 3, April 4, April 8

Emission Inspection Recertificatio PREP Course

Your PA Emissions Inspector Certification must be recertified every 2 years ON LINE ONLY.
We are offering a 2 hour test prep course with a handout and instruction on the new on line process. We will go over all pertinent information that will prepare you to take your test ON LINE BEFORE YOUR EXPIRATION DATE.

Time: 6:15pm - 8:15pm
Fee: $50.00

Course Code: EIR211
Monday February 11
Course Code: EIR227
Wednesday February 27
Course Code: EIR328
Thursday February 28
Course Code: TBD
Course Code: TBD
Course Code: TBD
Course Code: TBD
Course Code: TBD



Time: TBD
Fee: TBD

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